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Stili e tendenze Salute e benessere
Sviluppatore Kharis Creative, Inc.
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IZzz is a very simple white noise generator designed to produce non-distinct, patternless white noise. Other sound generators offer crickets, rain, ocean waves, etc and are nice, and even relaxing. However, the white noise generated by iZzz was developed specifically for sleeping.

Even subtle noises such as a faucet dripping, the heat coming on, or the natural creakiness of a home are processed by our brains and keep us from entering a deep sleep, or even falling asleep. iZzz masks these ambient noises with a carefully developed sound that will escape your consciousness after only a few nights.

Whether you are home, or adjusting to a different sleeping environment on the road, you will have an indispensable tool with you to get a good nights sleep. How much is a good nights sleep worth? Simple, easy-to-use, with a slick interface.

Sleep well and be blessed!